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Known primarily as a trial Lawyer, Bart Kaspero has represented notable political figures and prominent business owners who find themselves in need of an experienced criminal defense Lawyer.

Kaspero Law is skilled at analyzing, preparing, investigation, negotiating and litigating criminal charge.

Bart Kaspero’s Criminal Law Blog provides up to date legal news and information related to drug laws and criminal defense laws.

Criminal Defense Attorney


Maybe a better question is: “how do you find the best criminal defense attorney for you?” This requires a handful of questions you need to ask yourself.


First, is the criminal defense attorney experienced with your exact type of charge? Nobody goes to a heart surgeon to take care of a broken foot. With criminal defense, the most common aspect you will find is that there are many categories of lawyers who seem to focus on some charges more than others.


Some find themselves focused entirely on life exposure cases like homicides. Others handle only DUI’s and other driving related offenses. Therefore, it’s important to ask what their primary focus is so that you know whether they will be a good fit. Among the practice areas he holds extensive experience in, drug crimes rank prominently in Kaspero’s knowledge and ability to navigate the courtrooms.


Second, is the lawyer familiar with the courthouse your case is in? All California criminal defense lawyers who are licensed can practice in every courthouse that is within the state. But courthouses (and even courtrooms for that matter) have very different ways of doing things. Sometimes, the same hearings go by different names depending on what county you are in. These small differences could possibly affect your chances of being taken seriously by the court your case sits in. If your lawyer does not know the nuances of the courtroom, it may pose a challenge to navigate it in the best way possible. Bart Kaspero has extensive experience in Orange County, CA. Including: Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, Irvine & Lake Forest.


Finally, is the criminal defense attorney you are considering to hire have some kind of a strategy or plan in mind for you? It’s one thing to suggest how your kind of charge is generally handled. It’s an entirely different thing to go deep into your facts and circumstances and suggest a game plan that satisfies your ultimate goal. Some strategies of criminal defense lawyers include finding a negotiated settlement without jail consequences as quickly as possible. But this plan may not meet the needs of a client who wants to fight the charges to the end. A no-jail deal with the District Attorney (DA) on the case does nothing for a client who cannot suffer a conviction on their record. Therefore, you will have to make sure to also communicate your goals to the attorney so that they can help you make the right decision in getting there.


The BLOG is updated often and includes useful information relating to what information a lawyer who handles complex drug crime charges. Therefore, to make navigation easier, you will find pages with the following titles: Marijuana Lawyer, Cocaine Lawyer, Methamphetamine Lawyer, Heroin Lawyer, Prescription Pill Lawyer, Ecstasy Lawyer, Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer, Drug Possession LawyerDrug Sales Lawyer and DUI Lawyer.

DISCLAIMER All topics on this site shall not constitute legal advice nor does it establish an Lawyer-client relationship without a valid retainer. The information contained on this site constitutes Legal Advertising and suggests no guarantees or warranties based on past results.


Among the handful of focus areas Bart Kaspero practices in the law, he has extensive experience in complex drug crime cases. This site, therefore, is intended to help you navigate the many hurdles that come drug laws in our courts.

No one ever wants to think they would ever have to look for a Lawyer—especially a criminal defense Lawyer. But the truth is, anyone who faces an arrest or a charge by local police should consult with one. So how does one go about finding one? And how do you decide which one to go with?

Your criminal defense Lawyer is your representative: he or she represents your good character, your side of the story, your defenses to the charge against you, and your adviser on what the criminal justice system has planned for you—and how it should be navigated. But if you’re like most people, you don’t know what makes a good one and what doesn’t.

Marijuana Lawyer

When someone as been arrested or charged for a Marijuana crime, it would be wise to hire an experience marijuana defense lawyer. Facing charges after arrest can become complicated and taking the right steps from the beginning can mean the difference between learning your lesson so you can move on with your life or regretting your mistake twice as much for not taking it seriously. Read more on Marijuana Lawyer.

Cocaine Lawyer

Similar to methamphetamine possession, even the smallest amount has been enough to prosecute individuals who are found to possess cocaine. Additionally, even a small enough amount for personal use can be misconstrued as a possession for sale of cocaine depending on the manner in which the case was investigated. It does not matter if there was no “under cover” purchase or sting operation. Read more on Cocaine Lawyer.

Methamphetamine Lawyer

Even the smallest amount of methamphetamine possession have been prosecuted by local law enforcement agencies that would shock the public. While not most cases, possession and sale of methamphetamine can carry serious consequences. Hiring a lawyer to defend you can help you. The history and addiction of methamphetamine is a very misunderstood one and few people who have never been touched by the drug will sympathize with what it does. Read more on Methamphetamine Lawyer.

Heroin Lawyer

Considered one of the most addicting of controlled substances, being arrested or charged for heroin is a serious offense and requires an experienced lawyer familiar with laws regarding heroin. Where possession of heroin is an issue rather than sale of heroin, some treatment centers will not accept users of heroin due to the severe addiction it causes in people. Read more on Heroin Lawyer.

Prescription Drug Lawyer

With so many drugs being prescribed every day, some fall into dependency. And as with any other substance that can bring on an addiction, anyone can find themselves under arrest and charged with serious crimes. Just because a doctor had at one time prescribed you or your family member a particular drug does not give you an absolute defense in the case. Read more on Prescription Drug Lawyer.

Ecstasy Lawyer

Considered a highly popular recreational drug for the younger generation, ecstasy or “E” carries complicated legal consequences due to the purchase trends of the drug. As with other narcotics, certain drugs go through cycles of popularity within communities and local law enforcement is aware of that. Read more on Ecstasy Lawyer.

Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

Sometimes people have experimented with drugs but no longer engaged them again. Others are regular users but do not use that heavily. Either way, some will still have the tools they used to experiment with drugs in their possession and they can be charged with a crime for doing so. Read more on Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer.

Drug Possession Lawyer

These are critical stages during your case where your lawyer meets with the prosecution to exchange evidence, challenge the search or arrest with motions to suppress evidence, produce character or favorable evidence, and to negotiate your case to a good settlement. Read more on Drug Possession Lawyer.

Drug Transportation Lawyer

Arrests and prosecutions of transportation charges carry hidden dangers. Mainly, it’s the higher exposure you face over that of possession or sales. In some cases, two to three times higher! Read more on Drug Transportation Lawyer.

Drug Sales Lawyer

Courts take Drug Sales charges much more seriously than drug possession.If you cannot get the case lowered to a possession, you’re only other option is to get the lowest possible sentence. This becomes difficult when guns are involved. Challenging the search is harder than it sounds.
Hire a lawyer. Fighting a drug sales charge is no easy task. Read more on Drug Sales Lawyer.

DUI Lawyer

Let’s begin by saying that a DUI charge is not “drunk driving”.  To be arrested for a DUI, you only need to be driving with alcohol or drugs in your blood where it impairs your driving.  Despite how simple that statement may sound, the discussion becomes very complex from that point on. A DUI Lawyer is a criminal defense attorney who handles or carries a particular focus on handling DUI cases.  Read more on DUI Lawyer. 

Computer Crimes Lawyer

Sometimes called “cyber crime” or “hacking”, computer related crimes can range from fraud, espionage, intrusions, even terrorism. The more serious charges include identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud, illegal exports, and narcotic trafficking. One important aspect of this kind of charge is that it can be charged as a state offense or a federal offense. Read more on Computer Crimes Lawyer.

Business Violations Lawyer

For business owners who commit infraction and misdemeanor offenses, the Penal Code as well as the Business & Professions Code establish some guidelines that makes certain acts punishable like crimes. The list is very lengthy in terms of what kinds of crimes can be committed by a business, therefore, not all will be listed on this site. For further discussions or a deeper understanding of some violations, contact our office for a thorough review of your case. Read more on Business Violations Lawyer.

Corporate Crime Lawyer

A general term to cover many other crimes, a person (even though operating as a corporation or business entity) can be prosecuted for business-like acts or conduct.These acts can be committed by one person or a number of people. And these acts can be committed through electronic means, verbal, or physical actions. Read more on Corporate Crime Lawyer.

Fraud Lawyer

The law allows countless examples of forgery to occur when someones tries to pass off a document or instrument that transfers a right, money, or property unlawfully. Bottom-line however is the requirement that the person charged with this crime must have committed it with the intent to defraud someone (this is a specific intent). Read more on Fraud Lawyer.


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